Welcome to Sheer Luck Boutique. We have put together a list of information about us.


Where can you find us? We are located in the beautiful city of Crystal River, Florida.


Discover the perfect fit - our sizing is true-to-size for all your favorite clothing items! Say goodbye to sizing guesswork and experience ultimate comfort. Shop swimsuits, jeans, shorts, dresses, and more with confidence.


Order Processing?

Find out the exact duration for your order! Shipping takes approximately 2-3 days for processing and an additional 5-7 days for delivery.

Return Processing?

30 Day Return Policy: Shop with confidence knowing you have a full month to return your purchase.

Expedited delivery?

Attention! Find out the scoop on expedited delivery. Unfortunately, we don't offer it. But don't worry, our regular shipping is just as fast. And the best part? We won't overcharge you for it.

Brick and mortar store?

We don't have a physical store right now, but who knows what the future holds?

Why do you sellout FAST?

We carefully select high-quality styles sourced from the same supplier as numerous brick and mortar stores. When you spot a captivating outfit, you're not only contending with online shoppers, but also with other exclusive boutiques vying to showcase it in their collection. Act swiftly because our extraordinary designs often fly off the shelves within the first week of release.. 


Affordable Prices and Great Quality?

Guess what? We don't believe in boring old brick and mortar stores. Why? Because it means we have way less overhead costs! And you know what that means? We get to pass those sweet, sweet savings right on to you. So get ready to save some serious cash, my friend.